Welcome to MyVitalGPS! The technology that enables you to take hold of your life and be happier. MyVitalGPS, your personal assistant, will be available for you wherever you are. It’s so easy!

MyVitalGPS offers you the best way to be cheerful, develop your skills and share them with everybody.

MyVitalGPS is based on the brand new AutoCoaching method also successfully used by companies like Nivea to enhance their customers’ happiness. AutoCoaching is a technology which evaluates how you feel now, analyses everything you want to fulfil and suggests what you need to change to stay in a complete and satisfying existence.

First, with ‘The Wheel of Life’, you will self-evaluate from 0 to 10 how happy you are on different aspects of your life in order to ‘take a picture’ of your current happiness.

Once you know how you feel, you have to decide how you want your life to be. Is it hard for you to establish what you really want? Check our multiple suggestions, obtained after years of thorough research.

Choose your goals in every aspect of life you want to improve as if you were a child writing a letter to Santa. Simply add whatever it is that would make you happy; YOU, not your husband, not your mother, not your kids, not your boss.  YOU. No matter how impossible it might seem!

As Adidas says, impossible is nothing!
Dare to ask! You’ve got infinite options!

From now on, you are your own master to go your own way in order to find your bliss. But what do you really want to change?
Change everything you need!

Do you find it hard to make up your mind? No worries. You can choose from our suggested options.

Challenge yourself with a commitment date to complete your mission; if you wish, establish a prize of your choice to indulge in celebration each time you reach a goal.

You deserve it at the end of the road! Celebrate at each step and smile. We just have one task left: write down how you would like your life to be in the future. No rush. No stress. No problems. 

Just feel your dreams as if they were already manifested. In this wonderful platform you can rearrange everything and provoke your own reality as ever you please.

You will feel the support of MyVitalGPS as if it were part of you. You are not alone.

Plus, you can obtain a report with your most important data and ask for professional advice if needed.

MyVitalGPS. The happiness technology is waiting for you!

Dare to be happy.

Happiness Technology

Happiness Technology

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